The Fear - A Story of a Great Nation... VIDEO

This Video is representing the recent developments in Ukraine.
Where people of Ukraine stood up for their rights, 
and act together as one against dictator regime held by Yanukovich.
People being pushed to their limits, people that lost their fears.
Taking actions as one huge united family we became UNBEATABLE.
Ukraine has showed it's true face to the world, this face is full of love and hope.
We proved that we are a peaceful nation,
but won't stand still when someone is beating and killing us.
We will come together, we don't have a fear!

By the way russian "Mark Zuckerberg", the creator of VKontakt - Pavel Durov, had uploaded this video on his VK personal page VK. Is he trying to say something to his own russian fellas? 
We all know that Russia is not exactly a democratic country, where Human Rights and Freedom of Speech are nonexistent.
So what exactly is he trying to say?!

Warmest all.
Anna Fox.

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