Rising Stars Voice Their Support to Ukraine... Interview+VIDEO


Let me introduce you to Anna and Sonia Kuprienko, the Bloom Twins. They are twin sisters, grew up in a small Ukrainian town, Brovary, in the outskirts of Kyiv. Bloom Twins are an exciting new multi talented duo, their delicate melodies and lacing together otherworldly harmonies are extremely hypnotizing. They have been singing since their very early days and started playing instruments at the age of five. They moved to London two years ago seeking to improve their art and   culture. Coming from a very different background, one would fear that they might become enchanted by the big city life, but instead they felt disconnected to the materialistic, narcissistic lifestyles of most people their age, and grew more and more committed to each other and their music. Bloom Twins released their first track "Fahrenheit", which quickly brought them to attention of various music and fashion spreads. Bloom Twins caught the eye of stars such as Axl Rose and Mick Fleetwood.

Their version of famous song "Get Up Stand Up" is yet another work of art that EuroMaydan proudly gives birth to... And to accompany their thin magnetic voices this video collage of significant authentic footage from Ukrainian Revolution 2013-2014. It's a simple message with a powerful meaning... Just watch.

Bloom Twins - #WeAreUkraine - "Get Up Stand Up" (Bob Marley's Cover)

It's my pleasure and honor to ask girls a few questions of my own :)

Anna Fox : Please tell me what is the idea behind the making of "#WeAreUkraine - Get Up Stand Up”?
Bloom Twins : We want to praise those brave people that have been out there in a cold for 2 months now, living in military conditions and encourage them not to give up as They already went really far and changed the history. We can't give up now! 

- Have you recently been in Kyiv and visited EuroMaydan?
We went back to Ukraine for 3 weeks and took part in supporting our fellow citizens in it's fight for human rights. Our parents performed in front of hundreds of thousands of people. (shown in a video). They created beauty that we haven't seen before. They changed the history. If you went to Maidan (the epicentre of protests, the Independence Square)  you'll feel a lot of love and care for one an other.

You live abroad, what do you think about international media broadcasts on the Ukrainian Revolution?
We live in London and we see how media (not only International or Russian, but also the one controlled by oligarchs in Ukraine ) just doesn't show the information or distorts it.
Many of our friends from all over the world don't understand what really is happening in Ukraine. And why it is happening.

What exactly bothers you the most when you hear such distorted news updates on EuroMaydan?
Our family and friends were all and still are amongst those activists that some media channels refereed to as violent terrorists that went crazy cause the president took a U-turn from a trade deal with the European Union.

Tell me and my readers: where does the truth lie, and how did EuroMaydan Revolution started?
People are fighting for their rights, not for EU membership.
Majority don't even know that A peaceful student protest was violently dispersed by the 'Berkut' (special police) in Kiev on Nov. 30. Students were brutally beaten up and thrown behind bars. That's what made million people gather on Maydan.
Most people are tired of total corruption, the lack of justice, security, constant abuse of power by the government, and of everything crumbling away, people are tired of poverty when the president and close to him officials, and their families live in prosperity.

The video was made entirely of footage from EuroMaydan Revolution. Is there something particular you want viewers to see?
In the video you will see those smiley faces of people, You will see the beautiful unity, people were singing and dancing together in a peaceful protest against the government and for the better future, helping one another with simple food supplies, clothing, warmth, teas and coffees. 
And then you will see how things went sour, after the president instead of listening to people signed more laws trying to turn the country into dictatorship regime.
There is too much of power abuse and many people around the world don't understand that special police were using brutal forces against the civilians, protestors were caught, stripped and doused with water in freezing temperatures of -10C. Authorities indiscriminately fired on protesters — an act that is clearly against the law. 

What made you choose to remake Get Up Stand Up by Bob Marley? The answer is obvious but I will ask you anyway...
- It got the most perfect lyrics all the way. The exact message we wanted to send out in every line. All we had to do is - to let those words come out from our hearts, related to our country and to these events. Hence the pain and sadness but still the motivation not to give up!

You can fool some people sometimes,
But you can't fool all the people all the time.
So now we see the light 

We gonna stand up for our rights!

Mother of Anna and Sonia (Bloom Twins) singing on the stage of EuroMaydan

Mother of Anna and Sonia (Bloom Twins) singing on the stage of EuroMaydan

With you help I've been able to spot your mother in the video… Please tell as a little about your parents and how come they ended up on the stage of EuroMaydan singing?
Are family is the greatest on a planet we think. It's the Ukrainian Osbornes! ;) our mom is very much like Sharon. Our dad doesn't bite birds heads off to make an impression, but he is certainly a versatile musician. They are very patriotic and would never leave ukraine. (Not that she likes London either)  Our mom has very good leader qualities. She is a strong woman that will speak out loud for her ideas. And of course she would stand with her people. 

What made you leave Ukraine in the first place?
We love music. We love British culture. We love British musicians and British bands. Unfortunately, even though Ukraine has so many talented artists, it was impossible for those to express themselves. Impossible to get them heard and needless to say to make any money to be able to make ends meet. We are coming from a normal middle class family and we wouldn't stand a chance to be able to speak with our music. This will also hopefully change now and artists, creative people, all of those that have amazing ideas will be able to be appreciated and heard in their own country without having the need to go away and seek a room for their ideas for it it else where.`

I see you are real patriots… Have you always been so passionate about your homeland?
In Truth, we didn't realise we were. We left Ukraine very young exactly for the reason to be able to do what comes out from our hearts. But when we saw what was happening in Kyiv - it really touched us and all the patriotism for our country and our people rushed through our blood. No way we could be indifferent! We saw the struggles of people around us everyday and it seems like  they just excepted those conditions. But it's a blessing that this eruption happened and people  finally saw the opportunity to make a change. And we used to complain that in Ukraine people have this grey colour and don't smile and their eyes don't sparkle - EuroMaydan changed it all. There was so much love and hope and sparkle we have never seen in Ukraine. And this makes are very proud we are Ukrainian and made us very patriotic.

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 14.24.28.png

Up until now you made songs only in english language... Are you planning to make a song in Ukrainian language anytime soon?
- Of course!!!

Well, I take your word for it. :)
Thank you ladies.

Warmest All.
Anna Fox 

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