What a perfect day... To erase a Twitter account!

It's a pretty grey day today in Geneva, total calmness in the streets. 

Love days like this, they make you reflect on many things.

So today my mind was focusing on something I had been thinking for the past few months....


I really, really hate it!!! I almost never go there, but when I do... My brain explodes inside my head! Literally!

Back a few years ago someone suggested Twitter to me and explained that it would be good for me,it's cool, I can promote my art faster and my fans can follow me...

So I did, to say I didn't understand anything is a light form of my thoughts at that moment! People write in a really weird manner to save space because there is only a little amount of letters available for each post. Using strange signs (# @ / * § ±) all over the place.

This kind of "language" is seriously damaging old good literature writing. And new generations of "Twitterers" have a really good risk for dumbness... I think Twitter is that bad.

But don't get me wrong, it's not all that bad... You can follow intelligent people there too, but the possibility for them to write something meaningful in 140 letters is very restricted. That's why you see lots of links attached to the posts...

I don't know, probably for someone it's fun, for the others is necessary. All I know is that social network is not for me.

The funny part is that I erased myself from Twitter three times already. I hope the third time's the charm! I wont let anyone pull me back to that .com any more!

I am also on the edge of erasing my Facebook Page: ANNA FOX 

But that is all for different reasons!

A little tip for people who have to many web accounts to deal with, your liberation is could be in very useful website Just Delete Me .

Have great evening! 


Just a little remainder of my erased Twitter account.

Just a little remainder of my erased Twitter account.