Klitchko VS Povetkin & very funny GIF

Russia took the defeat of Povetkin against Vladimir Klitcko very personally.

And it's not a surprise, since the whole Russia VS Ukraine thing seemed to have a highly political flair to it. People have been waiting very long for this super publicized event. Guests were A list people such as Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco and all the Muscovite "beaumonde". Rocks of diamonds where shining from the darkness surrounding the ring brighter than the lights projectors on the ring it self. Etc...Etc...Etc...


I won't go very far with my thoughts on this event, but I would love to highlight a few of them:

1. Sport should never be mixed with politics! Sport is sport, politics is politics. 

2. It's good to support sportsmen of your country but it's important to be respectful towards the opponent in case of defeat. The saying "Lose with dignity, win with grace" is very appropriate for this case, and fans too should follow the rationale of this elegant quote.

3. It's a great thing that Russia started to host big box tournaments.

Although Vliadimir Klitchko has won, I personally think that Vladimir didn't do his best, and the reasons to me are unknown. Vladimir was in great shape and could do from Povetkin a "Chicken Kiev" in 4 max 5 rounds. I can suspect the reasons behind his choice of game but they are only my suspicions for now.

I am not against Russians, I am russian myself, born in Ukraine. I don't have preferences between Russia or Ukraine, they are both my native home countries. But I do recognize the greatness of the Klitchko Brothers.


I find this GIF image is extremely funny. Magic Touch,  Klitchko VS Povetkin   

I find this GIF image is extremely funny. Magic Touch,  Klitchko VS Povetkin


My painting of Vladimir Klitchko, Oil on Canvas 120x80 cm, 2010/03/16