Police Fining Bickers in NYC... VIDEO

I am a city biker with a long experience myself, in fact it's my favorite option of city transport.

I am therefore a little concerned about police limiting routes for bikers, especially when those routes are blocked and also dangerous. 

One would ask: "What do you care, you don't even live in NYC?!"

True, but I might be in the future... Or not... However I will be visiting the Big Apple from time to time. Will I be riding? I don't know. But I would love to have the option! :) 

Forget fines…The way I normally ride a bike in the city, I'd probably get arrested in New York. For sure!

And anyway I think it's very unhealthy to fine someone who pursues a healthy life style.

So, thank you Casey Neistat for making this creative and funny, yet eye opening video.